Mumbai’s Nightlife

In this post, I explore Mumbai’s nightlife.

Mumbai, the financial hub of India did impress me a lot, especially its nightlife. I believe its nightlife does have its own life. The city lights once up at night provide a better glimpse of a completely different world. I found eerie silence on the otherwise bustling streets. It is claimed that this city never sleeps. I just fell in love with this city due to its diverse exciting nightlife activities. The late-night cuisines, parties, food, aesthetics, etc. are what makes this city worth the visit.

Places to enjoy after sundown in Mumbai

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

This monument is considered a popular UNESCO World Heritage and a wonderful place to visit during nighttime. The terminus boasts of colonial-era buildings, illuminated with beautiful, colorful lights. It is regarded as an important icon here.

2. Gateway of India

It is regarded to be the city’s guardian angel and appears aesthetically pleasing at night time. The illuminated Gateway is well complemented by the Arabian Sea. It provides a sense of ease and calm, something rare in this otherwise bustling city, where people lack time. The Gateway does attract locals and travelers in huge numbers even during nighttime. Many come here to enjoy late-night tasty snacks and some quiet time. Moreover, the sea’s aroma combined with the still city provides an amazing experience.

3. Marine Drive

It is undoubtedly the city’s postcard image and quite alluring. The Boulevard stretches for about 3.6 km and is among the world’s busiest roads. However, the iconic road when illuminated with street lights appears mesmerizing. With the vast city on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side, going on a drive on this road offers immense pleasure.

4. Juhu Beach

This is one of the most popular spots to be at night in Mumbai. The waves of the Arabian Sea hitting the beach shores and the cool breeze flowing are a favorite among the locals and travelers. It does offer a completely new experience. There are also several food stalls and restaurants open at odd hours to serve delicious cuisine to hungry travelers.

5. Mumbai Bars, Nightclubs and Lounges

This city is vibrant and filled with life, something that can be experienced at the bars and nightclubs here. There are numerous places designed to suit every mood. It can be a simple night out with a friend or your better-half. The different clubs, lounges and bars do add excitement to the otherwise boring life. Numerous options are available to fit all moods and budgets. A hot favorite among foreigners is ‘Leopold Café’, popular for its beers. Other options available are Valhalla, Wink, Opium Den, Busaba, Czar, Dome, Tote on the Turf, Toto’s Garage, China House, Tryst, Amadeus, etc.

6. Late-Night Delicacies

With people settling here from different parts of the country, it is easy to find diverse food options here even at midnight. Several late-night eating joints are present catering delicious food to the night owls. Some popular places are Zaffran, Bade Miya, Sardar Pav Bhaji, Sukh Sagar, etc.

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