Best Food in Mumbai

I visited Mumbai city, considered to be India’s financial hub. It is also stated to be the ‘city that never sleeps’. The Queen’s Necklace is a favorite spot among locals and travelers alike at night for its glittering lights. But the street foods of Mumbai attract food lovers in huge numbers to try out several delicacies. Although there is not much presentation, the food served here is just fabulous.

1. Vada Pav

This is one of the most commonly sold food items in Mumbai. You can find them almost in any street that you pass by. It is also locally called the ‘Mumbai vegetarian burger’. It comprises mashed potatoes mixed with a variety of spices. It is then deep-fried and packed within a fluffy, white bun, garnished with varieties of spices and chutneys for seasoning. The chutney is what makes this pav interesting. Fried chilies provide a kick of flavor and heat.

Ashok Vada Pav close to Kriti College Dadar is the place to be to have legendary versions.

2. Sev Puri

The Chaat comprises several savory snacks prepared in India. I have consumed different types, with Mumbai sev puri being my personal favorites. There is a flat puri, essential a small round chip that is topped with onions, mashed potatoes, sev, cilantro, chili sauces, tamarind and garlic. It provides an amazing balance of flavor. A handful of sev is then sprinkled on the top of the sev puri along with some green sour mango bits.

Some places to try are Sadguru (Chembur) and Shiv Sagar (they have branches at Vile Parle, Churchgate, Juhu and Bandra West).

3. Bhelpuri

This is another street food commonly found along the beaches of Juhu and Girgaum Chowpatty. It comprises puffed rice with sev, mixed with tomatoes, onions, potatoes, cilantro and different types of chutneys. The crunchy snack is sweet spicy and tangy from the sauces introduced, with an amazing balance of flavor.

Om Sai Sagar Chaat Centre at Juhu Beach is a popular spot to consume tasty bhelpuri.

4. Rolls & Kebabs

Mumbai boasts of having several legendary restaurants offering delicious rolls and kebabs. My personal favorite is Mumbai Bhuna rolls. Boneless chicken is cooked properly in gravy filled with a variety of spices. Then it is wrapped in freshly prepared rumali roti (a thin roti quite similar to that of a tortilla). It is the perfect and flavorful late-night snack for those who love non-vegetarian foods.

Bademiya in Colaba is the place to be to enjoy the delicious kebabs and rolls.

5. Pav Bhaji

The pav bhaji is considered to be native to Mumbai and a favorite among the locals consumed in-between meals, lunch and dinner. It is an orange-red mixture of cooked vegetables comprising potatoes, cauliflower, beans, onions, peas, tomatoes and carrots. Then, it is topped with grated cheese or butter in thin layers or both. It is served with generously buttered and lightly toasted buttered bun (pav). The spicy bhaji and buttery pav are just an irresistible combination.

Tardeo (Sardar Pav Bhaji) is the best place to be to enjoy this.

There are a whole lot of street foods to try out in Mumbai and the above is a mere beginning.

Mumbai’s Nightlife

In this post, I explore Mumbai’s nightlife.

Mumbai, the financial hub of India did impress me a lot, especially its nightlife. I believe its nightlife does have its own life. The city lights once up at night provide a better glimpse of a completely different world. I found eerie silence on the otherwise bustling streets. It is claimed that this city never sleeps. I just fell in love with this city due to its diverse exciting nightlife activities. The late-night cuisines, parties, food, aesthetics, etc. are what makes this city worth the visit.

Places to enjoy after sundown in Mumbai

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

This monument is considered a popular UNESCO World Heritage and a wonderful place to visit during nighttime. The terminus boasts of colonial-era buildings, illuminated with beautiful, colorful lights. It is regarded as an important icon here.

2. Gateway of India

It is regarded to be the city’s guardian angel and appears aesthetically pleasing at night time. The illuminated Gateway is well complemented by the Arabian Sea. It provides a sense of ease and calm, something rare in this otherwise bustling city, where people lack time. The Gateway does attract locals and travelers in huge numbers even during nighttime. Many come here to enjoy late-night tasty snacks and some quiet time. Moreover, the sea’s aroma combined with the still city provides an amazing experience.

3. Marine Drive

It is undoubtedly the city’s postcard image and quite alluring. The Boulevard stretches for about 3.6 km and is among the world’s busiest roads. However, the iconic road when illuminated with street lights appears mesmerizing. With the vast city on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side, going on a drive on this road offers immense pleasure.

4. Juhu Beach

This is one of the most popular spots to be at night in Mumbai. The waves of the Arabian Sea hitting the beach shores and the cool breeze flowing are a favorite among the locals and travelers. It does offer a completely new experience. There are also several food stalls and restaurants open at odd hours to serve delicious cuisine to hungry travelers.

5. Mumbai Bars, Nightclubs and Lounges

This city is vibrant and filled with life, something that can be experienced at the bars and nightclubs here. There are numerous places designed to suit every mood. It can be a simple night out with a friend or your better-half. The different clubs, lounges and bars do add excitement to the otherwise boring life. Numerous options are available to fit all moods and budgets. A hot favorite among foreigners is ‘Leopold Café’, popular for its beers. Other options available are Valhalla, Wink, Opium Den, Busaba, Czar, Dome, Tote on the Turf, Toto’s Garage, China House, Tryst, Amadeus, etc.

6. Late-Night Delicacies

With people settling here from different parts of the country, it is easy to find diverse food options here even at midnight. Several late-night eating joints are present catering delicious food to the night owls. Some popular places are Zaffran, Bade Miya, Sardar Pav Bhaji, Sukh Sagar, etc.

One night in Delhi (Delhi nightlife)

I’ve spent considerable time exploring Delhi during my travels through India, absorbing the culture from the lens of locals. For the most part, I stayed with foster families for several weeks each, to really see how they live; enough time for the novelty of hosting a foreigner to wear off and thus bring out the honest local experience.

This post is part of a series of posts where I explore one facet of local living in Delhi. Today’s facet – nightlife.

Delhi, the capital of India is well known for its rich culture, heritage and monuments. Besides the architectural grandeur and government secretariats, I was impressed with its intoxicating nightlife. There are indeed numerous popular night out spots to visit.

1. Little Owl Café

Located near Noida Metro Station, Sector 18, is a cozy café providing simple, but delicious spreads. It includes mac and cheese, sandwiches, Maggi noodles, etc. Also, they offer hookahs of different exciting flavors. They charge about Rs. 400 for two.

2. Mocha Art House

Located in Vasant Kunj’s DLF complex, this café and open-air hookah bar is perfect to spend quality time with friends and loved ones until morning. It is an amazing place to visit for youngsters to enjoy their night out. They charge about Rs. 1,400 for two.

3. E&Y Dhaba

Located in Gurgaon, this Dhaba does boast of serving some delicious home-made North Indian cuisines. My favorites were egg bhurji, aloo parathas, keema parathas and garam chai. The cost per person is around Rs. 350.

4. 24/7

This place offers a variety of mouthwatering snacks even at midnight. Plenty of people can be seen hanging with their friends enjoying the chilled beer.  

5. Pandara Road – India Gate

This is the place for night owls that have a passion for street food. Several restaurants and food stalls throng the place. They serve delicacies like papdi chaat, pani puri, chaats, etc.

6. The Blue Bar:

Located within the ‘Taj Palace Hotel’, it is among the top places to enjoy late-night parties in Delhi city. It offers a romantic, cozy ambiance while being a favorite hangout for all party lovers. There is a beautiful pool along with outdoor seating arrangements to help relax the tired mind and body. The Taj’s sprawling gardens and the view of the pool are magnificent. It is located at Sardar Patel Marg. Prices range around Rs. 3,900 for two.

8. Club Pangaea

This club is a part of Hotel Ashok, located in Chanakyapuri. It is a popular spot for club hoppers as well as a classic elegant club. This place caters to a selected profile. The intoxicating red lamps, purple cushioned décor and Renaissance ambiance tend to set the right mood to enjoy the night. The price charged for two is approximately Rs. 4,000.

9. Kitty Su

Being part of the much prestigious Lalit Hotel, it is considered among the city’s elite clubs. It is the perfect place to enjoy all-night DJ parties. Its spacious and well-designed discotheque appeals to young crowds. The DJs churn out varieties of music-making the crowd swing to their beats! It includes reggae, R&D, retro combined with other music. It is located in Connaught Place. The prices charged for two are around Rs. 5,000.

10. Ghungroo

This bar is present within ITC Sheraton. It is frequented by a mixed crowd providing them with a classic ambiance and Retro music. Price charged for two is around Rs. 1,500.